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      Corporate Vision

      Corporate Vision

      Committed to becoming the industry benchmark for
      global biotechnology and cleaner production

             Parkson Bio was founded in December 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. It produces a variety of bio-technology-oriented products and sells well in many countries and regions at home and abroad.
          Our company plans to invest in the construction of workshops E and F in 2013, a national-level R&D center and a poly-3-hydroxypropionate project. This project has now been included in the third batch of strategic emerging industry projects in Shandong Province. This project uses microbial fermentation Technology produces ultra-high-strength, ultra-high polymer, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly new materials. This product is currently the high-end preferred material in the aerospace, military, defense, and other fields. It is in line with many national industrial development policies. The blank also breaks the pattern of American dominance in this material.
          According to our company's 12th Five-Year Strategic Plan, we will continue to move towards the high end of the biotechnology industry chain, strive to participate in the formulation of national standards in the industry, actively cooperate with relevant national colleges and universities, increase investment in research and development, and strive to improve the company's scientific research level and innovation ability. Optimize the industrial structure, produce high-tech products, export the products to more countries and regions, increase the added value of the products, and make the enterprises stronger and bigger in the field of biotechnology engineering.
           All along, Parkson Biotech has taken "implementing cleaner production and developing circular economy" as a strategic measure for coordinated economic and environmental development. It is the first in the industry to use evaporative condensate water circulation production to achieve zero fresh water consumption; and invested heavily in the construction of an environmentally friendly station using advanced and mature "EGSB + multi-stage A/O" closed-loop sewage treatment anaerobic/aerobic biological combination process to achieve "Three unifications" of environmental, economic and social benefits.
      Parkson Bio will continue to adopt measures such as improving design, using clean energy and raw materials, adopting advanced process technology and equipment, improving management, and comprehensive utilization to reduce pollution from the source, improve resource utilization efficiency, and reduce or avoid the use of production, services and products The production and discharge of pollutants in the process are recycled to reduce or eliminate the harm to human health and the environment.