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      Contact Sales

      Contact Sales

      Department Contact information
      Administration    Department

      Phone: +86-537-3891389

      Fax: +86-537-3891389

      Email: admin@baishengbio.com

      Purchasing Department Email: sdbslcb@163.com

      Human Resources DepartmentPhone: +86-18854700906
      Lactic acid sales

      East China South China sales area Tel: +86-18815371596

      Central China Sales Office Tel: +86-13329229922

      North China Sales Area Tel: +86-15063781886

      Lactic Acid Sales Department Tel/Fax: +86-537-3635599

      Ministry of International Trade

      Sodium gluconate, starch Tel: +86-18253713488, +86-537-7021397,

      +86-537-3301276, +86-537-3301278

      Fax: +86-537-3891339

      Email: sales@baishengbio.com, sales03@baishengbio.com

      Lactic acid and its derivatives Tel: +86-15380842422

      Fax: +86-537-7021367

      Email: sales05@baishengbio.com

      Sodium gluconate


      Phone: +86-15864120882

      Phone: +86-537-3837777

      Fax: +86-537-3837777

        Lactone Sales 

      Phone: +86-15864120882

      Phone: +86-537-3471111

      Fax: +86-537-3471111

      Starch Sales

      Phone: +86-537-3471111

      Fax: +86-537-3471111

      By-product sales

      Phone: +86-537-3471777

      Fax: +86-537-3471777